3 Practical Tips on Creating and Developing a Company Brand

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May 18, 2020
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August 26, 2020
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3 Practical Tips on Creating and Developing a Company Brand

3 Practical Tips on Creating and Developing a Company Brand
Brand is a name, symbol, design, reputation, emotions, tone, employees and much more.

Let’s not go back to traditional terminology, we will just share a couple of universal insights that can and should be quickly implemented. They are suitable for those who create a brand from scratch, and those who want to revive it and make it finally work.

Tip # 1: Use crowd marketing to promote your brand.

You can start brand promotion with crowd marketing. This is a working and proven tool that is talked about a lot, but rarely used.

How useful is it. You increase the number of mentions of the brand (website), attract attention to it, build a reputation and, in addition, get traffic links to the site. Google, for example, a little, but also takes into account text references to the domain, which affects its position in the search results.

What to do. Make a list of communities on social networks, articles with the ability to comment, telegram chats, forums and other platforms where your audience gathers. Write down a strategy, tasks. Think about what image you want to form and what values to convey. Comment on feature articles, create topics for discussion on forums, and write stories about the brand in the outline of chat conversations. In such a simple way, to increase the number of touch points and reduce the time for making a purchase decision.

We advise you to create profiles in all social networks, even in the strangest ones at first glance.

How to do it. One of the options. Take the semantic core (all queries in your area). Collect the TOP-20 issuance for all requests. Then - a list of addresses where you can leave a comment (not necessarily with a link to the site).

Tip # 2: Respond to external brand reviews

Monitor third-party brand reviews.

Few companies follow references and reviews on third-party resources. But in vain. They rank well in search when entering brand queries. It’s good to respond to reviews, especially negative ones (this is a reputation). It’s bad to do nothing. Reviews affect conversion.

The easiest and fastest way to monitor mentions is to enter a branded query in the Google search bar, select the option “In a week” or “In 24 hours” in “Tools”. Now you can see the results.

Tip # 3: Motivate Users to Enter Brand Requests

Google loves when a company has branded queries.

And they can be "cheated" for free. It is indispensable when creating a brand from scratch, while no one heard about the product and the company.

This is one of the ways we used ourselves. Create a vacancy text with an image on which you put the brand name. Place vacancies daily in thematic public places on social networks without a link to the site. At the same time, it would be nice to have a section with vacancies on the site and reviews about the company in the TOP issue.

So you get a pool of natural search hints and jumps directly to the company’s website.

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