Nowadays, majority of people use smartphones and gadgets. That is why for many self-respecting brands and companies it is important to have a mobile application. Our company is engaged in the creation of mobile applications.

We create a commercial proposal for the development of the application, where we indicate the stages of application development, terms, cost and guarantees. After discussing the application interface with the customer, we carry out programming and testing according to the CRUM methodology. Next, we publish a mobile application.

We are developing a mobile application for operating systems such as Android and iOS. These applications allow you to create promotional sites within the network, which increase the amount of potential customers. We draw an eye-catching design for all screens and item states using all the recommendations from Google and Apple.

Since our specialists are engaged in advertising, they are well aware of the various methods of advertising integrations. We also know the rules of quality advertising: it must be unobtrusive, creative and appropriate for the content where it is published. Let us create a mobile application for your company and be sure of its successful promotion on the Internet!

BUSINESS EXPERTISE We create a commercial proposal for application development, which indicates the stages of application development, terms, cost and guarantees.
CREATING A PROTOTYPE We build an intuitive interface, with the ability to see the functionality of a future application without a software part.
PRODUCT DESIGN We draw the highlighting design of all screens and element states using all the recommendations of Google and Apple.
PROGRAMMING AND TESTING It is carried out according to the CRUM methodology - phased planning of tasks and the breakdown of their implementation into sprints (scripts).
PUBLICATION OF MOBILE APPLICATION Recommendations for placement on the App Store, Google Play. Development of graphics and descriptions, with the possibility of further support.


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