Content Marketing Trends on Social Networks in 2020

What is Crowd Marketing?
What is Crowd Marketing?
March 10, 2020
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3 Practical Tips on Creating and Developing a Company Brand
August 26, 2020
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Content Marketing Trends on Social Networks in 2020

Content Marketing Trends on Social Networks in 2020
There isn’t any place for inconsiderate posting, mechanical work without a plan and even content plans in SMM and content marketing in 2020. All of these can be done by every marketing specialist, SMM specialist, copywriter or PR manager. Nowadays the result will be achieved only by creating the content marketing strategy in social media.

The strategy of working with content in social media gives you the following advantages:

• The disappearance of routine questions, regarding the content
• There is always a list of ideas and topics for posts
• Results can be measured and analyzed

Read the text, in the end, you will find a comment of our specialist about the sector’s nearest future in 2020.

10 steps for strategy development

You should understand clearly what you do and why you should consider the social media trends of 2020. Only then the content will be efficient and relevant. Strategic vision determines project success. Let’s discuss one by one what we have to do:

1. Identify the target audience. Content marketing forms around clients and their concerns. Social media is a great platform to establish communication with them, to give useful information, to solve problems, to involve people on-site and to push them to attempt dedicated activities. Segment audience and create client profiles. Figure out their fears, wishes, needs, behavior algorithm and information search.

2. Create a key appeal. At the first stage, you have determined the problems of your target audience. Now you have to offer options for its solving. Choose the best ones from suggested for each group. They have to be concise and contain one sentence.

3. Determine the mission. When offers for each group are ready, you should put them together. The created mission will be a base for your content marketing. It can be published on a website or social media in profile description.

Set clear and measurable goals. Devote time for setting goals and objectives. They have to be clear and measurable. You should specify the next points:

• source data
• deadlines
• desired outcomes

Mark used methods and tools. Record sales changing and set month plans.

5. Study competitors. Analyze information. There are a lot of services for related topics groups searching, watch search systems disclosure and how they work. Watch all platforms such as social networks, blogs, and thematic portals. Create a list of mistakes and don’t repeat them. Remember that your goal is not to chase the most successful competitors but to function better than them.

6. Highlight topics and key phrases. Determine the main topics which concern different groups of your clients. They will be your permanent headings for publications.

7. Communicate with your customers. Find their profiles on social media and analyze the content they post and share with other people. Create a list of trending topics and kinds of content.

8. Use headlines templates. Analyze as your content as your competitors’. Pay attention to headlines. Remember about life hacks. The most relevant headlines contain:

• Numbers
• Verbs
• Personification

You should publish everything that can attract your potential clients by a headline and get them to repost it on their pages. It can be ratings, selections, challenges, tasks, texts, etc. For example, the quiz “Can you become a successful businessman?”. The user takes a test and gets a result about himself or herself. By the way, talking about themselves is people’s favorite topic. They can share posts that describe them in a good way.

9. Lead a content plan. Create a spreadsheet in which you will mark:

· Content type
· Channels
· Goals
· Topics
· Frequency
· Tonality

10. Stick the strategy together. Analyze your results on every item and gather it in one document. It will let you work on the project systematically and gain the result.

These 10 items can be used in every theme. Stay focused and you will create a quality guide to action on your own.

SMM specialist tells about 2020 trends

Content marketing is a story that changes so often. But the content was and remains the most important thing. Social networks grade the feed, and you need to act in order to be at the top. Make relevant and useful content. Quality is our main feature. Don’t copy competitors, make your own content. It is fancy, useful and purchasable. Looking at 30 identical accounts it is not important for the client which one to choose. You have to be different from others.

Interactive is everything for us, use it. Involve yourself and others, communicate with people. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools for it.

Dynamic content is necessary. There are a lot of options for dynamic covers, boomerangs, and cinematography.

Use videos. And strategy and plans of course. You will reach nowhere without it. Google spreadsheets, mind maps, etc. And everything is perfect. I wish you a lot of conversions and reaches in 2020”.

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