Free Graphic Design Tools for Digital Marketing

Critical Mistakes in Social Media Promotion
Critical Mistakes in Social Media Promotion
February 3, 2021
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Free Graphic Design Tools for Digital Marketing

Free Graphic Design Tools for Digital Marketing
Digital marketing thrives on visual aesthetics. With great graphics design tools, you can improve your business with great designs. Here are some tools you can use:

Make Great Designs with Canva

Canva is one of the efficient graphics design tools for digital marketers. It comes with several photos, templates, and layouts that you can harness. One exciting thing about Canva is that it is free. With the updated version, your designs know no boundary.

If you want to design a banner, you do not need to bother about the dimensions. If you search for a Facebook ad, it will provide you with the right size of Canva. Canva comes ready-made. All you need to do is to customize it.


Create a Free Logo with Logo Creator

Every business should have a logo, and everyone wants one. A logo speaks a lot about your business. It portrays you as professional and fit. Many people will decide to do business with you if you appear like you know your work. With a logo, you will indeed look the part.

Creating a logo has gone beyond easy to timeless. Before now, anyone could create a logo from a desktop easily. But with resources like LogoCreator, you can make a good logo just about anywhere.

Logo Creator lets you create a logo anytime, anywhere. It is free, so you get to save some bucks there. You can channel your money to other needs with no free provision. is user-friendly and apt.


Create Social Media Posts with Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another design tool that defines technology with its mobile version. You are not restricted to your desktop computer. It has an app that lets you create unique designs on the go. If you are traveling, your business will not be halted a second.

Adobe Spark comes with several templates for you to choose from. Whatever design you want, there is a template for you. You can make a unique design with ideas from the templates.

Another exciting aspect of the app is that there is a provision for video creation. You can add your images and texts to create a video. Your customized video is unique and outstanding with Adobe Spark.


Make Excellent Images with Gravit Designer

When it comes to vector graphics design, Gravit Designer does it well. It is an app you can use on any platform. Your designs are better with this free app as it features excellent points, shapes, and lines. Your creativity knows no bounds.

You can create wireframes and mockups with great symbols, pages, styles, and anchors. If you want to edit your images to look their best, Gravit Designer has the tools. This app is suitable for making badges, icon illustrations, and branding. You can enjoy these features for free.


Use Infogram for Amazing Infographics

If you want to make unique infographics, there are several tools you can use. But you want a tool you can use with ease. If this sounds like you, then you can try Infogram.

This tool is easy to use and comes with templates. You can customize the templates for your project. The unique templates are good sources of inspiration and ideas, and you maintain a unique outlook for your business. You can create designs with your logo, color, font style, etc., and maintain it.



There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to digital marketing. Are you looking to create a logo for your business? Or do you want to design your business cards and infographics? These free tools are what you need.

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