As the number of websites have increased, payed links began to lose their popularity and most people prefer organic search engine results. If your website is far from the top on search engines, then you are in the right place, Imperial Dunes loves to bring websites to the top and is proud of its results of SEO promotion.

Our SEO specialists are engaged in filling resources with unique content, that have entries on requests that are needed by potential clients. After all, we constantly keep up with all the changes and modern SEO-promotion methods.

While examining your website, we point out its errors that affect its further SEO-promotion. We increase the natural number of visitors to your site by simplifying the order form for a product or service, working with reviews, or adding additional communication methods. Next, we build the semantic core. We select the maximum possible number of keywords, clear it of garbage and manually distribute it into groups.

SEO WEBSITE AUDIT Shows site errors that affect future promotion. SEO-audit data can be used as a technical task for third-party specialists.
COLLECTION OF SEMANTIC CORE Selection of the maximum possible number of keywords, we clear them of garbage and manually distribute them into groups.
INTERNAL WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION The most important point before promoting a web resource. We optimize the code, content, meta tags and site structure.
EXTERNAL WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION Work is underway on the uniform growth of the link profile of the site. Uses only «white» methods, therefore filters are excluded.
CONVERSION INCREASE At this stage, a simplification of the order form of a product or service is made, work with reviews or adding additional communication methods.


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