In the modern world, the existence of any business is impossible without a website on the Internet. Online advertising has become an integral part of its development. Website development has become a common service in IT companies, and the popularity of these sites depends on the quality of information processing and the execution of the task given by the customer.

We are engaged in the creation of websites from scratch and their SEO-promotion on the network.

Our experts design the site, develop layout, make frontend web development of the site, and think through the mechanisms for administering of the resource.

The more dynamic websites, the more popular their demand in the digital market. The content of the site will depend on the terms of reference of the customer, and our company will do everything possible for the quality creation and successful promotion of the site on the Internet.

Websites that we create will be cross-browser, and moreover, it will be adapted to all mobile devices. We are also developing a mobile application for the convenience of obtaining information and ordering services.

DISCUSSION OF TECHNICAL TASKS Formation of goals and determining the audience of the project. Development of the structure, the necessary elements and functions on each page of the site.
DEVELOPMENT OF THE LAYOUT According to the terms of reference, a site template, preliminary design, where the color scheme, site usability is being worked out.
SITE LAYOUT At this stage of creating the site, all the design details are put together. Current requirements of popular browsers are considered.
PROGRAMMING AND TESTING Checking the speed of the site and heavy loads. Testing all services and site forms. Writing and testing software codes.
FILLING THE SITE Writing unique texts, creating unique pictures and videos for each page of site. Filling in product cards.


A business card website is a small informative site that will allow you to post on the Internet data about the company, its phone number and address with a map, as well as details about services and prices. Information pages will enable visitors of the site to always know about events, interesting promotions and offers from your company.

Content Management System (CMS) will help you independently manage your resources, post and edit information. How to do this? We will explain and show everything is easy and simple.

The site is placed on a reliable hosting that allows you to run smoothly and quickly under any load.

The site will be fully owned by you, we provide all access to site management after the completion of the project.

A business card website is exactly what meets the requirements of an "inexpensive and fast website." Start by creating your business card online! An inexpensive site is made correctly, it will bring you much more profit than you expect. Make the right decision - call us or send an application to create a business card website!


What is a Landing Page?

From a technical point of view, this is a page that consists of the same elements as a regular web page (HTML, CSS, text, images, videos, etc.)

From a business point of view, this is a page of a website that encourages user to take a specific action (purchase or subscribe).

From the user's point of view, this is the page where one clicked on a link from another website (from a search engine or twitter, by clicking on a banner).

Landing is often called the landing page or one-page site, the main goal in this case will be to push the visitor to send an application for a particular product / service. As an incentive to do this, a unique offer appears (for example, a bonus, a discount, a promotion, etc.). The more attractive the offer, the more likely the visitor will complete the targeted action.

It is a mistake to offer the target action as the purchase of a regular product at a regular price. If your offer is not unique, then buyers will not have enough motivation to take action, which means that page conversion will be low. We advise that the Landing Page should contain only information that is interesting to the visitor at the moment.


A corporate website is a large information resource with a large number of section that emphasizes the high status of any company or a firm. As a rule, a business card site meets the needs of a small business representation on the Internet, and a corporate site is created by companies and organizations of a larger scale. This site is also called the virtual office of the company.

Extended information about all services, legal and technical documentation, product descriptions, information about branches and partners of the company, various articles and news, all this and much more will be compactly posted on the corporate website.

The structure of the website and the multi-level menu will allow visitors to easily navigate the sections and pages of a large site, and search system based on key words will help you quickly find the necessary documents and articles. The slide show effectively presents website visitors the benefits of your company.

Turning to our web studio, you will get a professional approach at all stages of the development of your site. Just call us or leave a request on our site - we will gladly take on your project!


The structure of the catalogue website is perfect to show the entire range of your products and offers. In addition, each product or service will have a separate page where you can describe in detail the offer, specify the characteristics and additional options.

How does a catalogue site work, promoting and make a profit?

A catalogue site is an effective solution because it can generate huge search traffic. Visitors of the website are attracted from search engines with the help of contextual advertising or SEO promotion.

Due to the fact that the website creates many pages with textual information, the site receives significant weight and authority from the point of view of search engines. Pages of such websites are more likely to take the TOP in the search results for specific searches.

The catalogue website can be optimized for a very large list of search queries - thanks to this, users are attracted to the site for low-frequency queries, which are much easier and cheaper to promote. And later, the catalogue site can be very easily upgraded to a full-fledged online store!

Order the creation of a catalogue website in our web studio and you are guaranteed to get a high-quality result in a short time!


Creating an online store is not just a necessity, it is a powerful business tool that advertises products and it’s a web platform for their implementation. A trading platform on the Internet has a number of differences from ordinary stores, to the main ones where buyers do not need to leave the house to select an item of interest and buy it. All product items are conveniently presented on a virtual storefront, if necessary, one can read the detailed description, or clarify the characteristics with the operator. Buying and selling also take place online, while the buyer can immediately pay for the selected item and order home delivery at a convenient time.

To get a constant flow of customers and optimize work processes, we are ready to offer business owners the creation of a modern turnkey virtual store. For owners of ready-made online stores, we can conduct a usability audit, identify critical moments on the website, help with troubleshooting and establishing customer turnover.

When ordering the development of an online store in Imperial Dunes, you get a website with all the necessary modules for conducting successful electronic commerce (product catalogues with any subsection nesting: product unloading and return import; automatic payment on the product page; shipping cost calculation; cross-level multilevel filter search by parameters; thought-out algorithm of discounts; personal account and user registration).

The experience and knowledge gained over ten years allows our team to create excellent turnkey online stores. Our employees do not work according to clearly established regulations, like many developers. We are professionals and we understand that each project is unique, it requires an individual approach and solution.


Website development for an individual project starts completely from scratch, taking into account individual requirements for the original product.

It happens that tasks of your business does not fit any of the ready-made solutions present on the market. Then the question arises, what do you do, how to achieve maximum effectiveness of your project? Here we are ready to come to your rescue.

Many years of experience in developing large-scale individual Internet projects allows us to offer a huge selection of options for creating a website according to your scenario. Our engineers will prepare for you a technical task in which they will fully describe the functionality of your site, based on your preferences.

Your website will be developed by a team of experienced programmers, layout designers, designers, copywriters and marketers with extensive experience in the field of Internet development and marketing.

Our experts are always ready to help you in any matter, and if necessary provide a detailed consultation on issues arising when working with the site - just call us or leave a request on the site!


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